Our Story

Since 1943, Sanyo Shokai coats have been loved. They withstand time, trends, and wear.

Classic silhouettes, careful construction, & high quality materials

A Sanyo coat.

Sanyo Shokai Ginza Tower

Features 7 floors of Sanyo products.


In 1978, Sanyo Shokai New York was established by Sanyo Shokai (Tokyo).

A state-of-the-art production facility was made in Oneonta, NY in 1986, establishing Sanyo as one of the first Japanese companies to hold a presence in the US.

Sanyo Shokai (Tokyo) carries a rich history dating back to 1943 and is currently one of the largest apparel manufacturers.  It is well established as an $1 billion dollar publicly traded company that is listed on the Nikkei Japanese Stock Exchange.

About Us

Sanyo New York is an outerwear brand that focuses on quality, design, and technological advancement from inception to delivery. We pride ourselves in being an affordable luxury brand that creates contemporary coats made from the best and innovative fabrics.

Our motto, Shin-Zen-Bi (Integrity, Quality, Beauty), embodies the process of design and production of our coats, as well as the end-product itself.

Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus, among other prestigious retailers throughout the United States and Canada carry Sanyo coats. All stockist locations can be found via our store locator.


The history of Sanyo proves that it stands at the forefront of clothing technology. Sanyo prioritizes the durability and sustainability of its products, and always strives to meet a new level of perfection.

Boundaries that once existed between the rainwear and outerwear categories have all but disappeared due to Sanyo innovation. Appropriately, Sanyo’s tagline is “Rainwear/Anywhere”.

Technological Advancements

  1. First to use lightweight, breathable parachute material to create a coat of great strength
  2. A pioneer in treating wool gabardine for water repellency
  3. Sanyo’s durable water repellent coats can be washed up to 10 times without affecting water repellency

Each and every aspect of our coats- from the design to the buttons- are treated with care and great thought.

To read and learn more about these qualities, click here.

We continue this work, and hope that we can aim for a higher standard for fabric quality and coat construction every year.

1940s - 50s

  • December 1942.Sanyo Shokai established by Nobuyuki Yoshihara
  • May 1943.Incorporated as Sanyo Shokai Ltd
  • 1946.Rainwear sales begun
  • September 1949.Department stores sales started
  • 1953.Launched the Duster Coat under 「SANYO」 brand
  • 1959.Launched the Sassard Coat under 「SANYO」 brand


  • February 1969.Head Office relocated to a new building in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Current head office building completed
  • December 1969.Comprehensive apparel sales started Joint company SANYO SEWING AMERICA, INC., established


  • July 1971.Listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • 1973.Signed an agreement with THE SCOTCH HOUSE Started selling 「THE SCOTCH HOUSE」 products
  • January 1975.Shigeo Nagashima, a famous baseball coach, featured in the Company’s television commercial
  • June 1977.Listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange


  • February 1981.New York subsidiary established
  • 1986.Launched 「TRANS WORK」 brand


  • 1991.Signed an agreement with Paul Stuart to sell 「Paul Stuart」 products
  • July 1993.50th anniversary celebrations held
  • 1994.Launched 「EVEX by KRIZIA」 brand
  • 1996.Launched 「EPOCA」 brand
  • October 1997.First store of select shop EPOCA THE SHOP opened


  • February 2002.Representative offices established in Shanghai
  • 2003.Launched 「TO BE CHIC」 brand
  • June 2004.SANYO DNA, periodical of Sanyo Shokai’s 60 year history, issued
  • July 2004.First store of select shop LOVELESS opened
  • 2005.Launched 「EPOCA UOMO」 brand / Launched 「AMACA」 brand
  • 2006.Launched 「ILFARO」 brand
  • May 2006.Shanghai subsidiary was established
  • 2007.Launched 「COTOO」 brand Launched
    「MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY」 (Men’s Collection) brand
  • 2008.Launched 「MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY」(Ladies’ Collection) brand
  • May 2008.Relocated head office to Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • August 2008.Eastern Japan Distribution Center opened in lchikawa-city, Chiba
  • September 2009.First store of select shop GUILD PRIME opened
  • October 2009.Operation started at town shops of Paul Stuart


  • August 2010.MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY Shin-maru Building store opened
  • February 2011.Relocated Nagoya office to Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi
  • February 2011.Obtained the trademark rights of EVEX by KRIZIA in 16 Asian countries, including Japan
  • September 2012.Relocated head Office to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • February 2013.Our tagline was designated.”TIMELESS WORK.”
  • May 2013.70th anniversary
  • 2013.Launched 「PRINGLE 1815」 brand
  • 2015.Launched 「SANYO ESSENTIALS」 brand
    Launched 「MACKINTOSH LONDON」 brand
  • September 2015.「SANYO GINZA TOWER」opened in Chuo-ku,Tokyo